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Leeds 5-day Met Office forecast

17th Jul

20°C  7%
WSW, 4+11mph

19°C  4%
W, 9+13mph

17°C  0%
W, 4+9mph
18th Jul

15°C  0%
W, 2+7mph

14°C  4%
W, 2+4mph

14°C  3%
W, 2+2mph

18°C  1%
SSW, 2+7mph

21°C  4%
SSW, 2+9mph

22°C  27%
SW, 7+11mph

22°C  6%
W, 4+9mph

20°C  1%
NNE, 7+11mph
19th Jul

18°C  0%
W, 4+9mph

16°C  2%
NW, 4+11mph

16°C  0%
NW, 4+9mph

19°C  0%
W, 4+11mph

22°C  2%
W, 7+13mph

23°C  1%
W, 7+18mph

22°C  1%
WNW, 9+18mph

18°C  0%
NW, 7+11mph
20th Jul

15°C  1%
WNW, 4+9mph

14°C  1%
WNW, 4+7mph

15°C  4%
WNW, 4+9mph

18°C  5%
WNW, 4+11mph

21°C  3%
WNW, 4+16mph

22°C  7%
W, 7+16mph

21°C  6%
NW, 7+16mph

18°C  4%
NNW, 4+11mph
21st Jul

16°C  4%
NNW, 4+7mph

15°C  4%
N, 4+7mph

15°C  2%
NNW, 4+9mph

19°C  4%
NNW, 4+11mph

22°C  2%
NNW, 4+13mph

24°C  6%
NNW, 7+18mph

22°C  6%
NNW, 7+16mph

18°C  3%
NNW, 7+13mph

Met Office forecast issued at 18:00 Tue 17th Jul. All times UTC.

Yorkshire and Humber regional forecast

Headline: Evening showers clearing. Sunny spells, isolated showers Wednesday.

This Evening and Tonight: Any early evening showers will die away with some late sunshine. Then a dry and largely clear night to follow. Feeling cool by dawn with light winds. Minimum Temperature 10C.

Wednesday: Often sunny, although cloud will increase towards midday with a few afternoon showers breaking out. Feeling warm, locally very warm inland, but cooler near coasts where onshore breezes develop. Maximum Temperature 26C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Mainly dry with variable cloud cover and occasional very warm sunny spells. Cloud may be occasionally thick enough for a few light showers on Friday and Saturday. Mainly light winds.


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Data courtesy of the Met Office DataPoint service.
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